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120ml Vape Juice Watermelon Flavors

In every industry, there will always be icons on 120ml vape juice watermelon. In the case of vaping, there is an icon for the best juices that were ever made and that is none other than the watermelon flavor. There are several reasons why this is considered the icon of vape juices. The first one is that watermelon juices were one of the first flavors to be released, and it is one of the first that actually attracted a lot of customers. Some of the manufacturers even say that making a watermelon vape juice is very easy compared to other kinds of flavors.


Since then, people have been developing different kinds of flavors for the customers to love, and there are those that continued to innovate on the watermelon flavor. There are now different kinds of watermelon flavors around.

  1. Mentholated Watermelon – since watermelon is usually associated with summer, people started adding menthol to the juice and it became one of the most iconic juice flavors in the market. After all, the taste goes really well with the cold hit on the vape.
  2. Watermelon Shake – this is basically a watermelon plus milk vape juice. This doesn’t mean it’s not good. In fact, the flavor went so well together that many people started adding milk flavors to different kinds of fruity flavored vape juices like strawberry shake, mango shake and more.
  3. Watermelon Candy – in simpler terms, a very sweet kind of watermelon vape juice. It doesn’t affect the taste though since you won’t eat it. It is also very famous around the world but not like the first two. Still, it is something that many juice lines are making and there are many customers who keep on ordering this kind of flavor. There are some that added menthol to this one and still worked for some.

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